Adding to the Legacy: “Adoramus Te, Christe”

Continuing a campus tradition, the Loras College Choir recorded “Adoramus Te, Christe,” a hymn by Quirino Gasparini that has been sung at Loras for 44 years.

“Adoramus Te, Christe” was written by Theodore Dubois as a part of his “Seven Last Words of Christ.” In 1977, then-choral director Dr. Jack Broman introduced the piece to the Loras choir to sing in English. Every year since then, it has been sung on campus. It is now performed in both English and the original Latin.

Click the video below to enjoy the choir’s beautiful rendition of “Adoramus Te, Christe.” You can learn more about the Lora College choirs and other music programs by clicking here.

Nate Kaiser (’22) created the final video production.