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Two Duhawks Honored by Dubuque Eagles

Frank Indelli (’22) and Andy Kehr, Ph.D., assistant professor of biochemistry, were each recognized by the Dubuque Eagles for their efforts to support students in their educational endeavors.

Indelli is the recipient of the Audrey Fitzgerald College Student of the Year award by the Dubuque Eagles “Eyes on the Future” Committee. The award is given to students who embody the ideals of leadership in and out of the classroom. A neuroscience major and Spanish and chemistry minor at Loras College, Indelli was nominated for the award by Dr. Kehr.

President Jim Collins (’84) and Frank Indelli (’22)

“Frank is a model leader through his demonstrated commitment to serving others,” Dr. Kehr said. “He regularly volunteers his time to the college, having served as the Director of Communications and the President of the Loras Chemistry Club. In addition, he gives his time to the community by volunteering in activities with the Dubuque Eagles. In summary, Frank Indelli is a service-oriented leader who succeeds in the classroom and the community to be a model student and citizen.”

Dr. Kehr found himself on the receiving end of an award as he received the 2021 “College Teacher of the Year” award. The Dubuque Eagles “Eyes on the Future” Committee hands this annual award out annually to one teacher among the four area colleges recognizing deserving teachers who not only find ways to purposefully impart the material to their students but also come to class every day with the goal of helping their students grow as compassionate humans.

Indelli reciprocated his teacher’s nomination by nominating Dr. Kehr for the award, saying, “Dr. Kehr is especially deserving of this award because he comes to class passionate about what he is teaching and goes out of his way to make meaningful interactions and relationships with his students. Additionally, Dr. Kehr is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his students achieve their highest possible level of success and that they help one another along the way. In the short time he has been teaching at Loras, Dr. Kehr has already proven to be an incredible professor who is truly inspired by his area of expertise and by the achievement he has observed in his students.”

President Jim Collins (’84) and Dr. Andy Kehr

The Dubuque Eagles “Eyes on the Future” Committee is a local volunteer organization in which high school and college students are offered the opportunity to provide community outreach and assistance to those who need it the most. Started in 2012 by Dubuque native Michael Duehr, the initiative’s outreach includes but is not limited to deep cleaning the local veteran’s centers, delivering grocery care packages to underprivileged neighborhoods, and lending a helping hand at the local food pantry every month. Over the past twelve years, via various fundraising events, the Eagles’ efforts have raised over $210,000 donated to many organizations, such as Hospice of Dubuque, Finley Hospital’s Wendt Cancer Center, the Teresa Shelter and the Dubuque Rescue Mission.