Duhawk Day Q&A With Jina Quade (’05)

Duhawk Day will be held March 10, what excites you most about it?

Duhawk Day is an amazing day to celebrate so much. I love looking back on so many years of incredible moments and memories. I love going on social media and seeing all of the purple and gold pride. I love knowing that there are so many Loras connections in this world and even if I’m not surrounded by other Duhawks in person – we are still able to connect, remember, reflect and cherish our experiences. I love knowing that so many others share in my love and passion for Loras. I love knowing that this one special day is filled with positive thoughts, countless memories and endless Duhawk pride.

Jina Quade (’05)

You are one of a select group who has given on all eight Duhawk Days; why do you choose to make an annual gift to Loras?

It has always been important to me to give on Duhawk Day because I am so grateful and proud to be a Duhawk. I want others to be able to have a memorable experience at Loras and feel it is important to give back to the place that has given me so much.

Why is giving back to Loras College important to you, and why should others give back too?

Loras has given me so much and it has always been a priority in my life to give back when I can. I would not be the person I am today if I had not attended and worked at Loras. When I think about the most important thing Loras has provided me – it is the lifelong connections and friendships. Loras changed my life. The people I met at Loras helped to shape my world. The incredible and diverse Duhawk friends I have been blessed to meet at Loras have truly become my family and I can’t imagine a world without those special connections. There is truly no place like Loras in my mind and I would encourage anyone to give back to this special place. Give in honor of a fellow Duhawk who made your experience brighter and better.

What is it about Loras that makes you feel so proud to be an alumna?

I am proud to be a Duhawk alum because it means I am part of the most supportive, unique and dedicated group of alums out there. Anywhere you go, you will find Duhawks who are thrilled to talk with you about their experiences. You can be walking in a busy airport, or down the street in a tiny town and look up and notice a Loras shirt or hat and instantly the connection is made and a great conversation follows.

How do you plan to Celebrate, Unite and Support Loras College on Duhawk Day 2021?

I am looking forward to reaching out to so many fellow Duhawks and reflecting on and celebrating incredible memories. I will continue to share my Duhawk pride with the world every chance I get. I will continue to donate and give back whenever I can because I am so grateful. Loras will always be home to me. Duhawks will always mean family.

Follow along with Loras Social media on Duhawk Day, March 10 to celebrate, unite and support Loras College. You can learn more by visiting the Duhawk Day webpage.