Duhawk Profile: Prosper Anane (’23)

Hometown: Ghana
Major: Biochemistry

My education at Loras College has changed my views about so many things. Education back in Ghana focused on academic work, but at Loras, it explores things both in the classroom as well as external work, which has really helped my development as an individual.

As an international student who is also an introvert, Loras has given me the opportunity to socialize and interact with many people from different backgrounds from the numerous programs they host on campus, exposing me to a high diversity level.

It would have been impossible to settle my finances if it wasn’t for additional scholarship assistance. Loras’ donors bring substantial positive change in our lives, especially international students, and we are grateful for that. They are our heroes.

After I graduate from Loras, I hope to go to medical school and become a surgeon one day.

Prosper is one of the recipients of the Dr. A.E. Lampe and Therese M. Lampe Scholarship and an example of Duhawks who succeed thanks to the financial support of alumni and other benefactors to the College.

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