Internship Leads to Employment, Strengthened Relationships

As Alec Becker (’21) was finishing his final semester at Loras, he searched options for his next steps when Loras Center for Experiential Learning introduced an internship opportunity at Crescent Electric. It would prove to be a perfect fit.

“I had multiple conversations with (Francis J. Noonan School of Business Dean) Jim Padilla about the marketing intelligence internships at Loras. Fortunately, this internship worked out perfectly,” Becker said.

Alec Becker (’21)

The experience as an intern at Crescent Electric allowed Becker to acclimate to the position. He quickly found his footing, and Crescent found an asset in him.

“After two months of being thrown in the mix of some very in-depth projects, I was hired on full time as a marketing intelligence analyst. I am more than thankful for the opportunity Crescent Electric has given me throughout my time at such a reputable company thus far, and I plan on staying with the Crescent family long term,” he said.

Through existing relationships with different companies, Loras can provide opportunities for both internships and experiential learning. It is also a proving ground for Loras students and graduates to prove themselves as valuable assets. At the same time, more and more employers are finding a pool of talent they can look to when expanding employment.

“One of the first organizations I was introduced to when I started at Loras in 2018 was Crescent Electric,” Padilla said. “Their leadership was adamant about ensuring we have a high contact relationship in order to help each other.  Partnerships with employers such as Crescent Electric are vital to Loras College and our students, and we have an incredible partner in Crescent.”

Becker was able to take advantage of an existing connection to Crescent to kickstart his career path. In turn, Crescent has found the benefit of its relationship with Loras to find a new source of potential future employees.

“It was a pleasure to follow up with Alec and his supervisors to see how he was performing in his internship,” Padilla said. “Most importantly, the feedback I received about Alec was simply a testament to what I already knew he was capable of.”

The experience with Becker’s internship proved to be highly beneficial to both him and Crescent to the point that they are both excited to expand more opportunities to more Duhawks.

“With our strong relationship with him now at Crescent, we plan on doing as much as we can for the student body and the Dubuque community,” Becker said.

About Loras College
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