Loras College Chemistry Unveils New NMR Spectrophotometer

Chemistry students at Loras College have a new way to study and research molecules.

The College unveiled its new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrophotometer for alumni over Homecoming. The machine, used to determine the structures of molecules, was completely funded by alumni donations.

An NMR is a tool that is used to determine the structures of molecules. It uses the same principles as MRI, but instead of looking at locations in a body, it does it for molecules.

“Learning how to collect and interpret this data is extremely important for chemistry and biochemistry students,” David Oostendorp, PhD, professor of chemistry, said. “Students will be exposed to the instrument in the second semester of their first year during organic chemistry and will continue to learn more throughout their four years here. It will be used extensively by students doing research.”

The funding for the machine was provided entirely through alumni donations spearheaded by the chemistry alumni board over the past two years.

Photo caption: Daniel Bowen, Ph.D, chair of the Loras Chemistry Alumni Board, and David Oostendorp, Ph.D. professor of chemistry at Loras, demonstrate the College’s new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrophotometer.