Loras College Partners with Cybint to Bring Cybersecurity Training to the Dubuque Region

Through the partnership, Cybint and Loras College will provide cybersecurity training to meet the critical shortage of cyber professionals in Iowa

 Loras College is pleased to announce a partnership with Cybint, a leading global cyber education training company, to offer the Cybint Cybersecurity Bootcamp to close the cybersecurity employment gap in Iowa. Applications are currently being accepted for the first Bootcamp beginning August 23. Prior IT or cybersecurity experience is not required, and the Bootcamp is open to anyone with at least a high school diploma. The fully-online Bootcamp can be completed in just 24 weeks.

Iowa has over 3,200 unfilled positions in cybersecurity, yet the availability and supply of cyber professionals are categorized as “very low” across the state. The state is one of several collectively called the “Silicon Prairie,” as it houses several large companies, including Wells Fargo, Integrity, and Dwolla. The digital infrastructure of Iowa is becoming more solidified, with cybersecurity at the forefront.

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is structured to future-proof workers on a global scale with cyber skills, ensuring they can protect themselves and their organizations from emerging cyber threats. The collaboration with Loras College is unique to the region and will create highly sought-after graduates in the field of cybersecurity.

“Iowa is quickly emerging as a tech hub in its own right, and cyber professionals are needed now more than ever,” says Roy Zur, Founder and CEO of Cybint. “We’re pleased to help pave the way in collaboration with Loras College.”

“Here at Loras College, we take pride in our wide array of academic programs, extracurricular offerings, and opportunities for personal growth,” says Jim Collins, President of Loras College. “A liberal arts background enables people to work through the most critical aspects of their lives, and the backing of cybersecurity knowledge will help them across many disciplines.”

For more information about the Cybersecurity Bootcamp, please visit www.loras.edu/cybersecurity

About Cybint
Cybint is a global cyber education company with a commitment to reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry in cybersecurity. With innovative and leading-edge education and training solutions, Cybint tackles cybersecurity’s two greatest threats: the talent shortage and the skills gap. The Cybint team is comprised of military cyber experts, industry professionals, and educators united under the vision of creating a safer digital world through education, training, and collaboration. For more information, visit www.cybintsolutions.com