Loras College to Host Ninth Annual Legacy Symposium

Loras College will showcase the academic accomplishments of students and faculty at the ninth annual Loras Legacy Symposium on April 27. The day-long event will highlight the work done in the past academic year through printed and oral presentation, as well as a film festival to close the day.

Student and faculty work will include capstone projects, case studies, creative readings and works, research papers, honors projects, and presentations of service trips.

This year, intriguing projects and various works include works by the Loras College Art Club, “Equitable Poverty Prevention in Dubuque,” “Neuroscience Determining the Validity of Determinism,” “Special Issue Visas in the Aftermath of Afghan American Occupation,” a solar-powered boat and motion controlled robotic hand. Topics also include wellness, history, environment and sustainability, philosophy, education and learning, healthcare, community and culture, health, sports, and local issues.

The film festival showcases a variety of the best of short films, including documentaries, narratives and experimental pieces, produced by the award-winning Loras Media Studies program. A list of selected films and their student directors will be available during the festival.