Loras May Term, Calendar Change Increase Student Opportunities

Loras College has announced changes to its academic calendar that will take effect in Fall 2023.

The College is beginning and ending its fall semester one week earlier than the current academic calendar. In addition, Loras is shifting from a January term to a May term schedule to provide students with enhanced experiential learning opportunities. The new schedule will mean that spring semester will begin in early January and conclude in late April to early May.

“We believe the transition from a January term to a May term will allow for enhanced experiential learning opportunities, not only in our extensive travel-based courses but also in courses that engage in students in activities in the Dubuque region,” Donna Heald, PhD, provost, said. “In addition, the earlier end to the spring semester will allow students a few extra weeks to dedicate to summer internships, research activities, or summer employment.”

Students enrolled in May term will continue to gain exceptional experiential learning opportunities along with new options to engage in activities that can often be hindered or limited by travel-related challenges as periodically experienced in the winter. Additionally, course offerings can benefit from outdoor activities as appropriate.

The new academic calendar also allows students to pursue internships, research experiences, or employment a month earlier than in previous years. Additionally, the move now aligns Loras’ academic calendar more closely with regional colleges and universities which enhances the opportunities for cross-registration and program sharing.