Loras’ Noonan School of Business Receives Gift from Northwestern Mutual

DUBUQUE, Iowa – Loras College’s Francis J. Noonan School of Business received a financial gift from Northwestern Mutual to support the College’s Emmet (’54) and June DeLay Finance & Analytics Lab.

The gift supports the lab’s financial database, which helps Loras offer life portfolio classes and assist students that are going through the Financial Planning & Wealth Management program. The system teaches students about investment analysis and stock research in order to make recommendations properly.

“With Northwestern Mutual being such a long-standing and successful financial services firm, to be able to have that partnership in place is important for both of us,” Dean of the Francis J. Noonan School of Business James Padilla, J.D., said. “For Northwestern Mutual, they are going to have the opportunity to talk to the incredible students that we produce from Loras College. For us, it’s about really having the opportunity with someone like NWM to say ‘look at our students and see what they are capable of.”

Emmet (’54) and June DeLay Finance & Analytics Lab

The agreement is in place for two years. The relationship is a much more coordinated relationship effort between Northwestern Mutual and Loras College to be able to benefit both institutions.

“My team and I at Northwestern Mutual in Dubuque feel we can work together with Loras’ Noonan School of Business to create a top notch experience for young professional students as they prepare to launch into the work force, Matthew Schulte, Financial Advisor and Managing Director with Northwestern Mutual, said.  “We feel the experiences we have as financial advisors can bring value in aligning with what students are learning to connect the dots of how they can be impacting people into the future.  It is very exciting to be a part of a program that is studying our industry at a fundamental level.  This will serve both students and future clients in a very positive way.”

Padilla explained that this partnership is part of a larger plan for the Noonan School of Business. “It is one more step in advancing what we are attempting to build. Academically speaking, we want to have high-quality academic programs being offered through the school of business, having resources like the refinative lab available to our students keeps us in the mix to be able to provide that type of education to our students. If you pair that with the direct relationship building with outside businesses like Northwestern Mutual, it builds some direct pathways for our students to be successful for graduation.”

For Northwestern Mutual, this gift allows them to support students on their path towards their careers.

“We at Northwestern Mutual believe strongly in the value of CFP’s within our industry and the overall importance of financial planning for families and businesses,” Schulte explained.  “Loras has aligned a major that aligns with our planning philosophies.  In addition to this, the values of Loras and Northwestern Mutual are perfectly aligned of always doing what is in the best interest of the people we serve.  This is why my team and I at the Northwestern Mutual in Dubuque are extremely excited with this partnership to help students on their journey to full time career’s in the financial services industry. “

According to Padilla, this agreement is the first of multiple partners for this type of agreement. He hopes to partner with as many local organizations as possible to help them appreciate what Loras students have to offer, what they are learning and how organizations can directly support the College’s educational effort in return for the opportunity to have more interaction with students for potential internship and job opportunities.

“We hope that, given how well-prepared our finance majors and soon-to-be financial planning and wealth management minors are to enter this financial services field, Northwestern Mutual is in the perfect place to recruit some successful students,” Padilla said.

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