Minear (’21) Brings Campus Talents Together to “Come to the Throne”

Finding inspiration in a sunset over campus, Dr. Michael Bagby, coordinator of liturgy and music, composed a piece of music that looks at the spiritual connection the end of the day provides us to nature and the God entitled “Come to the Throne.” Morgan Minear (’21) turned the beauty of that moment into a music video that utilized the talents of multiple students and faculty members that resulted in her capstone project. 

Morgan Minear (’21) in “Come to the Throne”

The video looks into Bagby’s composition process as well as his impact on the campus community as Minear leads up to music video for the composition. It turned out to be a project that pushed Minear both creatively and technically.

“This creative journey has been an absolute joy. From the beginning, I wanted to test my skills and create something I had never done before. Audio recording and editing is something I hadn’t directly experienced much before this project, yet very applicable to my studies in both media and music,” she said.

As she progressed through her project, she discovered that bringing in additional members of the Loras community would only enhance the final product. So she reached out to a team of Loras musicians, cinematographers, interviewees, and advisors to help her bring those shadows of dusk in Bagby’s composition to light.

Nate Kaiser (’22) and Michael Bagby

“I dove in head first with the idea despite what little background I had and learned by trial and error along the way,” Minear said. “Although it began as a solo project, the communal effort from my peers, advisors and friends allowed the project to flourish.”

The video utilizes a variety of recognizable churches and locations from campus and the Dubuque area as its backdrop. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, live streams and recording sessions have been such a blessing in the absence of live performances,” Bagby said. “This project went far beyond any checkbox or pass/fail assignment. It became a celebration of music, a prayer of serenity, a sunset on central campus.”

The video features the talents of Loras students and personnel:

Minear – producer, director, editor, soprano vocalist

Paige Diebold (’22) – alto vocalist

Jacob Till (’22) – tenor vocalist

Nate Kaiser (’22)-  videographer, production assistant

Jon Quinn (’21) – photographer, production assistant

Ben Yeiser (’22) – videographer

Grace Henrich (’23) – production assistant

Dr. Bagby (Liturgy & Music) – songwriter, lead vocalist, keyboardist

Craig Schaefer (’89), professor of media studies – advisor

Debbie Gross, coordinator of faith development – interviewee

Dr. Jeremiah Cawley, director of voice & choral activities – interviewee

You can watch “Come to the Throne” below.