Pete and Sarah Ross Explain the Importance of Giving to Loras

Pete (’79) and Sarah (Schroeder ’81) Ross

Pete (’79) and Sarah (Schroeder ’81) Ross with granddaughter, Annie.

Occupation: I have been at Dubuque Bank & Trust since 1999 and am now a Senior Wealth Advisor. Pete is an almost retired Guidance Counselor at Dubuque Senior High School.

How did the two of you meet? We met at Gomer’s at the end of Sarah’s senior year. Our first date was an ETZ picnic and it was true love ever since!

Why do you support Loras College? Pete worked at Loras for 13 years in his earlier years, we lived on the edge of campus of Loras for almost 27 years and our oldest son, Matt (’09) graduated from Loras. The Loras community has been a very real presence in our lives since we graduated. I am currently part of the Loras College Women’s Leadership Alliance and as a result, I am able to interact with alumni and current students at Loras, who are an amazing group of women. I have also been to Loras to take part in the LIFE Portfolio presentations and am so impressed with the students and the tools that Loras is able to provide to them.

Why is it important for you to give back? We want to contribute to Loras to support scholarships for the students now and to contribute to an endowment that will work for the Loras Community in the future.

Why do you encourage others to give back to Loras? Loras provided so many opportunities for Pete and I, and gave us the feeling of community even after graduation. If you listen to President Jim Collins (’84) talk about the accomplishments of the students at Loras, you will want to be part of this exciting community by giving back to Loras. I would also encourage alumni to come back to campus if they haven’t been here for a while. I would love to walk through campus with one of my classmates who has not been in Dubuque since graduation – the campus is thriving and still manages to keep a tradition or two throughout the campus.

What is your favorite Loras College memory? It all comes to the long time relationships that we started at Loras and still have today. We have been blessed with so many friends who we met at Loras.

Loras’ fiscal year is ending on May 31, and there is still time to join Pete and Sarah in making an annual donation to the College. Annual contributions are important to the College as it brings the Loras experience to students pursuing their hopes and dreams.

Make a fiscal year-end gift and receive two limited time commemorative Loras coasters!

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Thank you for everything you do for Loras and our Duhawks.