Senior Spotlight: Hannah Insko

As we celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2021, we share the experiences, memories and plans of some of our seniors.

Hannah Insko (’21)
Hometown: Winnebago, Ill
Major: Biological Research

Hannah Insko (’21)

While at Loras, I participated in Cross Country and Track & Field, Dubuddies, working in admissions and at the planetarium.

Bob Schultz (MA ’94), the cross country coach, recruited me for running. Once I came to campus for visits, I met some amazing people who made this feel like home.

I didn’t expect to completely fall in love with this community or that I would miss campus and all the people on it when I would go home for breaks. I also never imagined the vast expanse of opportunities Loras would have provided to further my success during my four years here.

I absolutely loved participating in beautify Loras and working on a three-year project with my honors group, and seeing it come to fruition was incredibly satisfying. All of the memories I gathered while being part of the cross and track team of all the time spent with my teammates will forever be in my heart. My absolute most favorite memory from my time at Loras was my Study Abroad trip to Peru. I became close friends with some people I wasn’t very familiar with and learned incredible things about a culture completely different from my own, and it has definitely changed me for the better.

I have a job lined up at Flint Hills Resources in Dubuque, working as a Lab Technician in their asphalt plant. I’m also planning on applying to the Peace Corps.