Supporting Future Female Scholars at Loras

Opportunities at Hoffman Hall’s St. Joseph Auditorium lured Krystyna Kaminski (’20) from Chicago to Loras College in 2016.

Krystyna Kaminski (’20)

Being awarded the Loras Women’s Leadership Alliance Award helped Kaminski return for her senior year.

“When I first came to Loras, I wanted to focus on education, but I also have a passion for theater and wasn’t sure if Loras would be able to allow me to participate,” Kaminski said.

But then, Anne Spoden (’15), formerly a senior admissions representative in the Office of Admission, stepped into the spotlight. “Anne convinced me I’d still get to be involved in theater – that it would be easier because it’s not a major, so it’s not as selective and everyone can participate,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski, who will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work, has been involved in nearly every show produced at St. Joseph Auditorium during her four years at Loras. “I like working backstage. I’ve done the lights. I like building sets and painting – pretty much anything that the director needs me to do,” she said. “I’ve been forced on stage a few times, but I don’t like it,” she said.

She has been involved in much more than just theater during her time at Loras and currently serves as president of the Loras Alliance. She is co-president of the Social Work Council, diversity chair for the Student Union, treasurer of Delta Epsilon Sigma and is a member of the Guild of St. Genesius.

“I want to be a school social worker,” said Kaminski, who expects that graduate school will be the next act in the story of her life. She wants to continue helping people.

“I’ve had opportunities to have internships that I never thought were possible,” she said. “I like the experience I’m getting from those. “It’s very rewarding that I’m getting to help people from the widest range of demographics.”

Because she knows what it’s like to help others makes her appreciate even more the help given to her when she received the Loras Women’s Leadership Alliance Award. Kaminski’s father died of brain cancer in July at age 58. His death put Kaminski’s returning for her senior year in doubt. “The Loras Women’s Leadership Alliance Award helped me stay at Loras,” she said of the award. “I wanted to finish my degree and I didn’t think for a while that I would and because of this award, I am able to finish and I look forward to walking across that stage in May”